The Farmhouse Food Cart - Portland, Oregon

The Farmhouse is a local Portland food cart owned by one Sara Williams, the mother of a friend of mine. I’ve been meaning to try it out since it just opened in April. The cart is located within the Pearl District at NW Quimby & NW 19th ave. There will soon be eight additional food carts joining that area by the end of May.

The Farmhouse Menu

I decided to have the “Big Dave’s Turkey Sandwich” which consisted of fresh turkey breast, grilled onions, provolone cheese, pesto mayo, grilled on sourdough bread. Along with the sandwich I had the option of either chips(Kettle Chips or Lays) or coleslaw, I decided to go for the coleslaw. You also get a dill pickle to round everything out. The sandwich was fabulous with ample amounts of real turkey breast meat. This wasn’t diced up preformed Oscar Meyer’s mumbo jumbo, this was the real deal. The grilled onions added a nice savoriness to the dish without being overpowering & the pesto mayo added a hint of creaminess. The coleslaw tasted fresh & tangy, overall very good. I had the dill pickle last & it was crispy & picklelicious, there’s not much to say about it. The whole meal was $7.00.

Big Dave's Turkey Sandwhich

The Farmhouse has some vegetarian options as well. Caramelized Fennel and Pancetta Salad with pears, blue cheese, and cranberry with vinaigrette. Also roasted red potatoes tossed in Olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and rosemary and also a tomato basil soup that is served with a slice of French bread.

Big Dave's Turkey Sandwhich #2

If you are in the area of Quimby, stop by and give The Farmhouse a try! You won’t be disappointed. I’ll definitely swing by again to try some of their other items.