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The Farmhouse Food Cart - Portland, Oregon

The Farmhouse is a local Portland food cart owned by one Sara Williams, the mother of a friend of mine. I’ve been meaning to try it out since it just opened in April. The cart is located within the Pearl District at NW Quimby & NW 19th ave. There will soon be eight additional food carts joining that area by the end of May. Continue reading “Tasty Turkey Sandwich At The Farmhouse Food Cart” »

Red Curry Over Rice or Noodles

May 4th, 2011 - Written by - 1 comment

Red Curry served over either white rice or rice vermicelli noodles. Red Curry usually has a good spicy kick & a variety of vegetables or meats. You can use your own choice of mix-ins, practically nothing can go wrong with what you choose. Continue reading “Red Curry Over Rice or Noodles” »

Tomato & Mushroom Marsala Over Angel Hair Pasta

Here is a simple goto pasta dish you can make with a few basic ingredients. It’s very flexible and allows you keep it simple or get fancy depending on what you’re feeling like. You could get fancy with this by adding some meat such as chicken or shrimp; or you could add more vegetables such as roasted red pepper, kalamata olives or artichoke hearts.A garnish of Parmesan or Romano is essential, but if you have some italian parsley or fresh basil that will kick it up a notch. You’re also not limited to just pasta, this could also go on bruschetta or garlic bread. Continue reading “Tomato & Mushroom Marsala Over Angel Hair Pasta” »

Thai Derm Tea

I hadn’t heard of Thai Derm before and found out about the restaurant only recently. I saw that they had a Tom Yum Noodle soup dish and decided that I’d take the opportunity to try it out. I’m a big Tom Yum Soup fan, especially when it’s served with vermicelli rice noodles. I’m a huge fan of noodles of all types. Give them to me in Italian, Thai, American, soups or salads, doesn’t matter. “Give Me Oodles Of Noodles” is my motto! Continue reading “Tom Yum Soup at Thai Derm Restaurant” »

I love chocolate chip cookies, they are essentially my favorite cookie. However, I do not care for most of the mass marketed cookie products you’ll find on store shelves due to the cheap flavor & texture. Even higher end brands like Pepperidge Farms don’t hit the spot. They all have something in common & that is low quality ingredients along with a bad sweetness to saltiness ratio. Often you’ll see things like hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup & imitation vanilla flavoring in these products. It’s very hard to get a genuine, quality cookie & if you do find one then they’re usually from expensive gourmet cookie outlets that charge your first born for a dozen. Continue reading “Chasing The American Dream Chocolate Chip Cookie” »

Breakfast At Stepping Stone Cafe

April 25th, 2011 - Written by - Leave a Comment

Stepping Stone Cafe Sign

I heard about the Stepping Stone Cafe a little over a year ago when Adam Richman(Man v. Food) took his show there to try out the “Man-cakes”. Ever since I saw the episode I had been meaning to visit the cafe at some point. A few days ago, I finally had my opportunity. Continue reading “Breakfast At Stepping Stone Cafe” »

Sawasdee Thai Food Cart

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine is a food cart located at SW 10th Ave & SW Alder St  in downtown Portland, Oregon. They serve up a variety of Thai dishes such as curries, stir frys along with noodle & rice dishes. All of the items provide the vegetarian option of using tofu instead of meat. Continue reading “Pad-Kee-Mao With Tofu At Sawasdee Thai Food Cart” »

Homemade Egg Roll Recipe

April 9th, 2011 - Written by - Leave a Comment

Egg Rolls are basically just wanton wrappers stuffed with filling, rolled up and deep fried. They do require a little bit of work to make but can be quite tasty. I used ground pork in this recipe but you can omit it or use something else like cooked tofu, textured vegetable protein or you can just do all veggie. Continue reading “Homemade Egg Roll Recipe” »

I have to give this “Hole in the Wall” restaurant a 5 star rating all the way. Their homemade hand pulled noodles are to DIE for! You can have them with meat or vegetarian style. I could seriously eat an entire platter of the noodles. Other items I’m a fan of is the Bok Choy veggie dish, the BBQ short Spareribs (if I’m in the mood for meat), and the Pork Stew (potatoes with pork in a semi-spicy broth). The service is good and is run by an independent family.

They are open til 2am every night of the week except for Monday in which they are closed for the day. Beer and Wine only.

12590 SW 1st St, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 – Google Maps

If you are Vegan and/or Vegetarian, you need to check out The Bye and Bye. I discovered the place over a year ago. I don’t really consider myself Vegetarian much less, Vegan, but this place rocks! First off, I love the space. It doesn’t feel too overcrowded and you have plenty of room to walk around. The atmosphere is calming and not too sharp. The bartenders treat you like you’re the only person standing at the bar…full attention. They don’t seem like they are in a hurry to take the order and to get onto the next customer. Basically, they take care of their peeps!

I like the Spaghetti with  Meatless Meatballs and the Collard Greens. Yummy!

The Bye and Bye is located in a nice shopping area off of Alberta. It’s open til 2:30am. Full bar.  Great for Late night/Dinner.

1011 NE Alberta St, Portland, Oregon 97211 – Google Maps


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